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Outdoor fan is not running


My air conditioner is not cooling I go outside and I hear the unit making noise but the outdoor fan is not running, what do I do.

There are many reasons why your outdoor fan may not be running for Air Conditioning Repair;

1. You might have no control voltage calling for the outdoor unit to run in cooling

2. If control voltage is present you may not have line voltage so check your incoming power

3. The fan motor may be bad

4. The capacitor may be bad

If you have incoming voltage which can be checked with a multi meter and the contactor is closed in most cases the fan should be running

If the fan motor is hot that means you probably have line voltage so you need to check if the motor is locked up (try to spin it ) or if the capacitor is bad. If you try to spin the motor and it starts running the capacitor is probably bad if it does not start and you have full line voltage the motor is bad.

Mike Newberry is a 25 year veteran of the HVAC business

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