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Repair air conditioners and save on service costs, every time there is an issue with your home comfort units

Air conditioner repair is usually considered extremely complicated, and therefore, is left to the professionals from local service companies who can charge anywhere between $150 to $500 to visit your property and repair air conditioners. However, this does not have to be the norm. You can learn everything about your air conditioning systems and take care of the problems all by yourself.

Get the DIY Resource Guide and set the ball rolling!

You do not need any technical school apprenticeship for repairing air conditioners. Simply download "Central Air and Heating Repair Made Easy" - a resourceful guide put together by Mike Newberry, an expert in the air conditioning service business. Mike has more than 20 years of experience in air conditioner repair, and can help you know all there is to know about the recurring problems.

Key reasons to buy this DIY Resource Guide

  • Imparts the knowledge to deal with various common air conditioner troubles
  • Enables you to save on service charges every time there is an issue
  • Helps you keep a tab on utility bills
  • Available at less than the cost of one service call
  • Easy to read, understand, and implement

Download this product for a competitive price and get an easy-to-use reference guide that you can access time and again. You do not have to go to any technical school or pay thousands of dollars to learn all that you need to know about air conditioner repair. With this resource guide, you can be your own technical support. Just go through the easy to comprehend trouble shooting chart and find solutions every time there is a problem.

Get this user friendly and cost effective resource on air conditioner repair to gain the expertise to fix air conditioners problems with ease!

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YOU CAN'T LOSE! You get CENTRAL AIR AND HEATING REPAIR MADE EASY the comprehensive complete and AMAZING repair and maintenance guide for your air conditioner.

Plus the BONUS Chart and Graph library with complete step by step application instructions. (A $89 VALUE)

Plus the BONUS Tool section with hundreds of dollars of tool savings.(A $120 VALUE)

Plus for the first 250 automatic access to my email technical support service with forums and chat with our other customers. (PRICELESS).


Bonus Chart and Graph Library: $89.00
Bonus Tool Section: $120.00
Forums and Chat Access $???.00
Central Air Heating and Repair Made Easy. (The complete AC Resource Guide) $99.95
Total Cost to be your own AC Repairman: $79.97

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P.S. In minutes you will know what's wrong with your central air conditioner and know how to fix it, so what are you waiting for, STOP SPENDING MONEY NEEDLESSLY. Order my complete DIYers guide today. And DO-IT-YOURSELF, it ain't that hard!!! Do it now, you'll thank me.

P.S.S. I'd love to hear what you think about this product, this site, me, any other feedback you can give me to help make this guide even better. If you answer just 10 questions, I'll give you a percentage off the cost of the book. How much off? The answers at the end of the survey. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY TO RECEIVE YOUR COUPON

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